Fresh Produce Makes Every Meal Delicious

Serve fruit and vegetables from our family farm in Eden, NY

Want to serve a meal that puts produce in the spotlight, like a salad with fresh strawberries or sandwiches with heirloom tomatoes? Come to Weiss Farms. Our family farm grows and sells fresh fruit and vegetables in Eden, NY. We began farming here in the 1920s. For over four generations, we've developed the place where we nurture more than 200 kinds of fruit, vegetables and hemp without harmful chemicals.

Where else can you find our food?

You can pick up our vegetables at several local stores. When seasonal farmers markets are open, you can find us selling fruit, veggies and hemp products at up to four farmers markets every week. Ask us where you can buy our produce right away. We'll be happy to talk and let you know which store or farmers market to head to.

Pick strawberries and pick out produce

Thinking about going strawberry picking with the family? You can come to our small family farm for U-Pick Strawberries every time strawberries are in season.

We're known for our sweet strawberries, as well as our:

To find out when the fruit or vegetables you're looking for are in season, call 716-992-9619 right away. You can also call us for information on our hemp products.